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Join me as I pull back the curtain to reveal my creative process. Discover what inspires me as I chase the magic that finds its way into my paintings.

I believe when the world seems chaotic, or life just becomes difficult, it really helps to find things to gaze upon that make you feel peaceful inside. I am convinced that being surrounded by art and things of beauty can serve that purpose. I have always collected art and I know that looking at a painting that brings me joy always lifts my spirit.


Several times a year I will be releasing a new series of original paintings and prints. For early notification of the release dates, become part of my VIP group! You'll get special sneak peeks so you can watch as the collections come together, receive special VIP discounts, and you can enter to win a free Giclee print. 


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Just click the arrow to the right of the crow to watch this painting come together from my initial rough blocking of shapes through to the final painting I call "Garden Crow". If you hover by the arrow and click through, you can read my narration on what I was thinking about each stage of creation. I love how pastels allow me to make changes to the shapes and colors as I go. 

Here's a small sampling of some of my paintings. I'm working on new ones all the time. Click here to view my art that is currently available for sale and choose the size and format that works best for you.


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I'm adding more definition to the crow here and beginning to block in the background color.