Monday, February 7, 2011

A Very Good Day

I am in a very appreciative mood today. 

I just returned from walking my sweet, rather old, deaf dog around our little neighborhood park. Only once or twice have I been there when there weren't other folks enjoying the day. I like that about it—that people from the neighborhood use it all the time. Today I overheard people conversing in both English and Spanish, as I often do. I saw my neighbor from across the street walking her two dogs and we waved. The Chicano gentleman who pedals his refrigerated cart through the streets selling ice cream and churros to the kids rang his bell and nodded at me as he rode past. I witnessed a couple of moms supervising their little ones on the playground. There was a soft breeze and the sun was beginning to set behind the bare branches of a distant tree but buds were bursting out in shrubs all around me. It is February 7 and the temperature today was in the 70's. What is up with that? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. During the four winters I lived in South Lake Tahoe surrounded by acres of snow I would have killed for a day like today. Maybe that's why I'm so appreciative. 

Earlier today I sat in my backyard and listened to the breeze tickle the wind chimes. My ailing kitty, Mystic, climbed up in my lap and I stroked his fur and felt his bones just beneath the skin. He is over sixteen and has a tumor on his thyroid that will soon call him from this world but for today he was still purring loudly and pouring out his love to me. I'm appreciating still having time with him. 

For a few hours I had the house to myself and was able to sit in my study and write. That felt good too. And this morning I scheduled some posts over at Coffee on the Patio—a fun new website you might want to stop by and visit. All in all it was a very good day.


  1. Just stopped by to say hello. Coffee Monday or Tuesday?

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