Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Magic

May the magic of this holiday season fill your life with love and laughter.

My daughters have both returned from college to be here for Christmas. They had friends over earlier in the week and I loved hearing the giggling and laughter coming from various rooms. We've watched all the requisite Christmas movies at least once (except for "It's a Wonderful Life" which we always play Christmas morning during breakfast.) The decorations are up, the gifts are wrapped. All that is left is to enjoy one another's company.

I created this photo from two photos I took while in San Francisco and then I used some iPhone apps to add special effects. While its origins are commercial I feel the spirit of the message transcends all that.

Wishing you all a warm and very magical Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

So Much Has Been Happening!!

I know I've been absent from this blog for awhile but I've been so BUSY!!
I'm thrilled to announce that my online class, Follow the Breadcrumbs Home, launches on January 1, 2012—just in time for everyone's New Year's Resolutions.

This class grew out of my realization that I'd meandered away from the core of myself on my journey of putting one foot in front of the other just to survive. I'd lost my snap. I'd misplaced my passion for life. I was feeling tired and numb.

I used some tried and true methods I've been studying for years now and I managed to get myself back on track, reconnected to my creativity and my passion. It occurred to me that I'm probably not the only one who has lost herself taking care of everyone else. So I created this online class and it is midway through its beta test phase. I've gotten some great reports back from people who are participating so we are going live in time for the new year.

If you're wondering, Who Could Benefit From This Class? 
Here's the answer:

If you see yourself in the statements below, this class was created for you.

• You have reached a point in your life where you find yourself thinking, This isn't who I wanted to be when I grew up.

• You feel stuck but don't know what to do about it.

• You think you should feel happy but instead, you feel muted—like something is missing.

• You're unsatisfied with your job but don't know what you would do instead.

• You spend your energy supporting other people's efforts but never find the time or energy for your own dreams.

• You find yourself asking, When does my REAL life begin?

So if you're interested I hope you'll check it out and maybe even join us!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hi There, I'm Home!

It's been a long, long...long, long time since I've posted here. My number of "Followers" has dropped, but really, I haven't given you anything to follow.

Like countless others, I have been out of work for some time now. Having a blog attached to my real name had begun to make me feel too careful about what I said—as in, how would a potential employer interpret this?—and that was taking away from the fun of posting here. So I stopped.

I've had numerous truly bizarre job interviews, some of which merely made me shake my head (as in—are they on crack?) and others made me doubt my talent and sense of self worth which is never a good idea. I've finally reached a point where I've decided I'm no longer willing to attempt to re-fold myself, Origami-style, to try to fit what people think they want, for jobs that pay scarcely enough to support a paper crane. Instead, I'm putting all my energy into ME. And it's about time!

I'm working hard to finish up the memoir I've been working on entitled, "My B+ Life" and I'm writing up a small collection of stories about my weird and wacky foray into the job-hunting jungle. Hopefully this will bring a smile, and a sense of relief—phew-it-isn't-just-me!—kind of relief to others who've been lost in the same jungle. I plan to self-publish these as e-Books, podcasts and actual hold-'em-in-your-hands books. I'll keep all of you updated as we approach their "birth" date.

In addition, I've been hard at work putting together a class I intend to offer online. It's called "Follow the Breadcrumbs Home" and brings together lots of the wisdom I've learned over the years about how to reconnect with your passion and inner creativity—something I'd almost forgotten about until I realized how far I'd strayed from myself by trying too hard to please others. But I'm back on my path now—happier, fiercer and ready to share some techniques that really work. . . providing you actually do them, which is something I plan on remembering this time! I'll let you know when it's up and running. Maybe you'd like to join me...?

And finally, an update. My dear kitty, Mystic, passed away a few days after my last post. He slipped away in his sleep, knowing how much we all loved him. My other sweet, amazing friend Chelsea, followed just four days ago. I wrote about how she came into our lives in "Tailed By a Dog" and she left in an equally mystical manner which I'll write about later. She waited until the whole family was home (a rare event given our crazy summer schedules) and left us while I was stroking her head.

This is indeed a time of transitions for me. Not always easy ones, but change, like growth, is often challenging. I'm excited about what the future holds and look forward to sharing it with you here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Very Good Day

I am in a very appreciative mood today. 

I just returned from walking my sweet, rather old, deaf dog around our little neighborhood park. Only once or twice have I been there when there weren't other folks enjoying the day. I like that about it—that people from the neighborhood use it all the time. Today I overheard people conversing in both English and Spanish, as I often do. I saw my neighbor from across the street walking her two dogs and we waved. The Chicano gentleman who pedals his refrigerated cart through the streets selling ice cream and churros to the kids rang his bell and nodded at me as he rode past. I witnessed a couple of moms supervising their little ones on the playground. There was a soft breeze and the sun was beginning to set behind the bare branches of a distant tree but buds were bursting out in shrubs all around me. It is February 7 and the temperature today was in the 70's. What is up with that? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. During the four winters I lived in South Lake Tahoe surrounded by acres of snow I would have killed for a day like today. Maybe that's why I'm so appreciative. 

Earlier today I sat in my backyard and listened to the breeze tickle the wind chimes. My ailing kitty, Mystic, climbed up in my lap and I stroked his fur and felt his bones just beneath the skin. He is over sixteen and has a tumor on his thyroid that will soon call him from this world but for today he was still purring loudly and pouring out his love to me. I'm appreciating still having time with him. 

For a few hours I had the house to myself and was able to sit in my study and write. That felt good too. And this morning I scheduled some posts over at Coffee on the Patio—a fun new website you might want to stop by and visit. All in all it was a very good day.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


It is 9:20 am, New Year's Day, in the year of our Lord, 2011. I've always wanted to say that—"In the year of our Lord". It sounds weighty, as though I'm the narrator of a movie or something. At any rate, I'm the first one up this morning. Chelsea needed to go out to pee and indicated this by banging her tail loudly against my side of the bed. After all, she didn't stay up until 3:00 am talking and drinking way too much champagne. Since she can't open the door herself, it seemed only fair that I should drag myself out of bed and let her out. Then, since I was already up, I fed Mystic and Emma and let them out of the garage. They are such creatures of habit. Even though it is drizzly outside they prefer to eat on the picnic table under the umbrella rather than stay in the garage where it is dry. One dream I have, though it probably won't happen this year, is for allergy shots to work well enough for my daughter Bri, that she and the cats can once again live in the house at the same time. I'm aware that this dream may never come true, but isn't that we even bother to dream? Things can change. Miracles happen. I do believe that is true.

So here I sit at the dining room table, all alone. I can hear the heater and the quiet fan of my computer. Monet, my lone little one-legged yellow canary, jumps from perch to perch as birdseed clatters from his feeder onto his makeshift cardboard ledge. Perhaps it's only my imagination but I think he misses his companion, Thiebaud. My sweet orange canary died two days ago. They were really good buddies and had never been apart.

Earlier this morning I could hear the rain on the skylight upstairs above the second floor landing but now, even that is silent. This is rare, that the house should be this quiet. Early morning calm is something I love. Something I crave. Often this is what it takes to hear my quality thoughts—the charitable and kind ones that rise to the top when the water is still; the ones that notice little details and smile because of them. When the house is raucaus with the TV blaring, people teasing or laughing, bickering or using accusatory tones, that's when the only thoughts of mine I can hear are critical—snarky actually. Those are the shouting, screaming thoughts, not ones a writer cares to put on the page. And I have finally admitted that's what I am. A writer. Feels good to say that, especially on the first day of the year, on the first day of a new decade. I am hereby declaring, this decade will be mine. It will be a decade where I will allow my voice to be heard—my written voice. It is time.

I make no promises about what my blog will become this year, or how often I will post. I've tried that before and with little success. This year I'm bidding adieu to guilt. But I'm feeling it is time to focus my blog more. I will still ramble and post photos from time to time. But I think I want to make this more of a place where I come to write—where I share my thoughts and my stories. I'm also planning to begin posting podcasts of my stories and of some of the chapters of the book I'm working on. I've done voiceover work in the past and am feeling a desire to get back into it. What better place to start than here?

So that's it for this morning—the sum of the thread of my thoughts. We all have a brand new shiny year stretching out ahead of us. It's thrilling and a wee bit scary to imagine the possibilities of what this year will bring. I hope you'll stick around here with me for the ride. What are your thoughts as you face this blank page entitled "2011"?