Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Got Carded!!!

Okay, so I'd been having a crappy week: 
• I was told I was being laid off from my job due to lack of work. Big sigh...it took seventeen months to find a job that lasted four months. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

• After ten months of back and forth correspondence with the IRS to receive a refund check for my mother's estate (she died four years ago) I finally received the check but they made it payable to HER. Yup, that's right. They sent a check made out to a person they knew was deceased. Since her bank accounts are long-since closed, no one will cash it. It took 45 minutes on the phone for the IRS to figure out exactly how I should request that they reissue it in my name as successor trustee of her estate. I was told to allow three months to receive it.

• We are sweating our way through a record-breaking heat wave.

• My birthday is on Saturday and I am turning an age that one doesn't post willingly on Facebook.

BUT...I was in the checkout counter at Walmart buying a bottle of wine (and no, I don't usually buy my wine at Walmart) when I GOT CARDED!! You never know where your next smile is coming from but I never thought it would be from Walmart. I could scarely believe it and my husband was so shocked he had to take a picture. (Let's not read anything into the fact that he practically cut me out of the picture!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumnal Equinox 2010

Autumn leaves that I played with in Photoshop.

Happy Autumnal Equinox!!

I spent about a half hour this morning sitting outside on our back stoop, admiring the golden autumn light, breathing in the crisp scents of Fall, and snuggling with our two cats—Mystic and Emma. I could feel Fall in the air and I think they could too. All they wanted to do was cuddle which was just fine with me. I put on my big old pink fleece robe and let them climb up on my lap. 

When we moved to this house we made a difficult decision. My oldest daughter, Bri, has asthma and had developed a terrible allergy to the cats. None of us wanted to find new homes for them but all of us wanted Bri to be able to breathe. We decided the cats would only be allowed in the back yard and our garage and my studio which is just off the garage. This was our compromise. Even though my daughters are away at college I still keep up my end of the bargain. Often in the morning I put on my old robe to insure that cat hair doesn't get all over my clothes—this is now referred to as my "kitty robe"—and I join the cats outside.

Mystic is quite old and has become very frail. I don't know how much longer he'll be with us, although we've been saying that for almost two years now since the vet said we should put his life expectancy at months rather than years. I'm convinced this says a lot about the power of love, and he is nothing if not a furry ball of love. 

Emma is only three and rather challenged, as cats go. She has never learned to jump very high and so the fence around the yard is the boundary of her world. For awhile we had a trellis near the fence and she could climb the trellis. But then she'd walk along the top of the fence until she either jumped or fell into a neighbor's yard where she'd find herself trapped—no trellis on their side! She'd walk back and forth on the other side of our fence crying in a very loud voice until our neighbors got home from work and let us into their yards to retrieve Emma. We removed the trellis and now she stays on our side. The most wonderous thing that ever happened in her life was when the cat from next door jumped up on top of our fence and just stayed up there looking down at her. It must have seemed to her like a miracle—like the sighting of the Virgin Mary on a rock wall perhaps. Even after the cat went home, Emma sat for days in the yard staring at the spot where the had appeared. 

You never know when you'll come upon a miracle. In the meantime, enjoy the Fall.  

I'm In Print!

Recently I was one of the readers at the Redwood Writers Book Launch for our latest anthology, Vintage Voices: Words Poured Out. The event took place in a beautiful garden at the home of Linda and Harry Reid. It's always exciting to get to read your work and get feedback from people. And it's quite cool to be able to hold something tangible in your hands that reminds you that you're not just spinning your wheels—or even if you are, someone out there thinks those wheels are snazzy enough to put in a book!