Friday, May 28, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance—Cal Style

On May 16 of this year my daughter Bri graduated from UC Berkeley. This is one of those "proud mama" posts so if that's not your thing I won't be offended if you choose this time to excuse yourself and leave.

Here she is all capped and gowned before the ceremony.

There were so many people who wanted to come that they had to move the ceremony from the Greek Theater where it's normally held to Haas Pavillion which holds 11,500. We took our seats and then noticed there were an AWFUL lot of seats reserved for the grads.

The stage was set.
Finally they began to file in. "Hi Guys!" she beamed up at us.

"I'm really doing this!"
As the crowd filled in, the graduates names were called out one at a time as they streamed up the aisle to the stage. Bri's blond mane was always easy to spot.

They called out names for over an hour and twenty minutes! Luckily there were diversions such as this group that planned ahead. They took up an entire row of seats and the tops of their caps spelled out "SO NOW WHAT?" Indeed!

After the ceremony we went out to dinner. Here's Bri and her sister, Krissy outside the ceremony.

The following day there was a MUCH more intimate ceremony with the Theater Arts Department. But of course, THAT day I forgot to bring my camera. It was a warm and emotional weekend—a real ten hanky affair.

CONGRATULATIONS Brianna!!! We're soooooo PROUD of you!!


  1. Looks like you had the SAME seats we had at MY daughter's graduation! Amazing. Congratulations to your daughter - it's such a great accomplishment.

    Oh - did Mama cry just a bit?

  2. Love the pictures...especially the one where some of the grads are on their phones. Happy day and congrats to Bri.

  3. Berkeley -- my old stomping ground in the late 60's. Wow! Congratulations proud Mama. Your daughter is lovely. That's quite a wonderful accomplishment. What an exciting time for her. Go out into the world and knock 'em dead, Bri!

  4. Congratulations --- great celebration, and great pictures!

    I love your blog, read it a lot, and think this may be the first time I have commented... so there we go, I have de-lurked!!!

  5. Oh my, congratulations to your baby girl and to all of you as well! I love seeing her huge smile in these photos.

    Good luck to her on her next exciting journey!!


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