Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just an Update

I know I haven't been posting much lately. Like many folks, I suspect, I have been all caught up in the day to day business of getting ready for the holidays.

First came the eighteenth birthday of my youngest child, Krissy. It is amazing to me that my baby is now an adult. Geez that time sped by quickly. We had a big party for her and I think she had a great time. A few days later we celebrated a quiet Thanksgiving.

Of course, getting ready for my daughter's party entailed a lot of cleaning and clearing away the clutter from when my husband finally moved the rest of our stuff from Tahoe (deferred housekeeping is my artform). So I threw my back out during that process. It was just about healed by Thanksgiving when I threw it out again lifting the turkey in and out of the oven. The days right after Thanksgiving, while both daughters were home from college, we began the task of decorating the house. My back was almost healed when I helped bring in the tree and...big surprise here...I re-injured it again. So the tree still sits swathed in netting in its stand in the livingroom awaiting my touch with lights and ornaments. My back is finally feeling up to snuff again so perhaps today...? When it's all done I'll post some photos and give you a home tour.

Added into this decorating saga is the plight of my little yellow canary, Monet, who caught the band on his leg (don't get me started on the insane practice of banding birds!!) on a millet holder in his cage. I discovered him upside down, hanging by his foot and bleeding a week ago. Now canaries don't like to be held, so managing to free him from this trap was a bit tricky but I managed to capture him and get the bleeding to stop. I carried him to an avian vet who miraculously happened to be in on a Sunday in a vet hospital across the street. He removed the bands on Monet's legs and told me it is quite common for birds to catch these bands on things in their cages. Long story short, I have had to capture Monet daily to feed him medicine. The first time I tried, my other canary escaped so I had to capture him amidst all the boxes of Christmas decorations that we'd brought inside. It is amazing how you do get better doing things with repetition and the past few days have been much easier.

Later today I'm off to read one of my short writings "Life is A Numbers Game" at Iota Press at 2:00 pm . My writing group will be there and we've each been asked to read one of our pieces which should be fun. There will also demonstrations of the antique letter presses. Following this, the family will drive to Sonoma where Krissy will be reading one of her poems during a Lights of Rememberance ceremony for the Hospice By The Bay. It is a literary day for our family, it seems.

All of this was just to say, sorry I haven't been blogging as much lately but I promise to do better. Hope you're all enjoying the craziness of the season.


  1. Oh sistah... you are soooo speaking to the choir here. I've been going crazy just been trying to keep up with reading everyone. So much going on in everyone's lives this time of year. Hope your reading with your group goes well. It does sound like fun. Wishing you and your family a most beautiful Christmas holiday season... - Jayne

  2. Oh I SO understand! As for your poor little birdie - how awful! Stuff like that traumatizes me. I'm glad you were able to find someone to take care of him right away.

  3. Poor canary!
    And I do feel for you and your back. Mine is killing me today after lifting several hundred cases of citrus fruit yesterday (don't ask!).

  4. I'm reading your posts backwards, Tricia. You have certainly had a time of it these last few months. I hope you will have a chance to enjoy some quiet time with your family over the holidays.

    Congratulations on your reading! I am sure it was wonderful :-)


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