Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Morning Conversation

I'm gradually learning to use my iPhone to take photos. My friends know I'm a big fan of crows. I saw these two friends talking the other day overhead and I just had to bring them home to share with you.


  1. Taking photos with our phones is so convenient, isn't it!?
    I'm begging for a camera this Christmas so I can take photography classes.
    Happy Thursday!! (Visiting from SITS)

  2. Stopping by from SITS :).

    I read your profile before I read your blog and was instantly jealous that you live in Wine Country. Oh the possiblities.

    BTW great pic, you'd never know it was from a phone.


  3. Visiting from SITS. Awesome picture!!!
    Nice blog. I've been blogging since Jan of THIS year would you believe?

    I actually hit 100 posts but I am still thinking about what to giveaway.
    I'll have that up soon too. I have a couple of ideas....:)

    Since I just found your blog, I won't enter..that's not fair. I'll just lurk around here instead. Looks like fun.

  4. Awesome paintings at the bottom of your blog. did you paint those?
    Simply Beautiful.

  5. That's an iphone picture? Wow impressive for a cell phone. I really want a tmobile mytouch, i just can't afford the $499 price tag since I still have a year on my contract.

  6. I take lots of pictures with my phone because I always manage to forget my camera.
    I still need to learn how to download them. My 12 year old is always laughing at me.

    Stopping by from SITS.

    Come by anytime

  7. Okay, you had me at "Crows". Great picture. We have two crows that live in the big oak outside our house. In fact, I guess you could say that I'm a big fan of all the big, misunderstood black birds, hence the name "Rook" for my blog. Did you hear the news that a species of crow previously thought extinct has been rediscovered? Here's the link:

    Stopping by from SITS, Jenn @

  8. Great picture! More please! Here is a true crow story, told by an artist out west. NM, I believe. Excy's not around to confirm the location. This guy was breakfasting on his patio in the backyard and noticed a crow watching, so threw him his bagel crumbs. The next day the crow was back. And the next. On Sundays, the guy is sleeping in. His BR is on the other side of the house, and the shades are closed. At the time he would've given the crow his breakfast remains, he hears a 'tap tap tap' on the window, and opening the shade, sees the crow! He has no idea how the crow knew where he slept!

    I watched a nature show that had a segment where a crow actually flew his unshelled nuts into an intersection when the cars were stopped, waiting for the next light, then when people could walk hopped into the intersection and collected his nut meats!! Thanks for stopping......

  9. I can take a picture,putting the image on my computer, that's another story.

    Beautiful shot.

  10. Sigh. Better pic than I can take with my regular camera.


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