Tuesday, October 27, 2009

May I Have the Crumpled Paper Please?

We have a winner for my 100th Post Giveaway!!

Now I know many of you fair-minded folks use Random Number Generator to choose winners for contests. That just feels a little too clinical for my taste. I decided to let my cats choose the winner of my giveaway. It was bound to be fair. I mean, they can't read so they can't cheat, right?

Emma said, "You want me to get off this comfy chair to do what?"

Mystic said, "I'd be honored."

I printed out all the comments that were left on my post, along with a couple that arrived as emails since the entrants don't have blogs and couldn't figure out how to work the comment button (always an option for commenting!) I cut the comments into little pieces of paper and wadded them up into tiny balls—just the size to entice my cats to pick one from the bowl to play with.

At first, they weren't very interested. I had to sprinkle catnip on top of the entries and mix them around. Even then, they had to think about it.

"What have we here?"

"You want me to touch one with my MOUTH???"

Finally, Emma decided it was time to choose.

She took a swipe at the bowl and four entries went flying out. Voila! We had our finalists.

We laid them out in a square on the ground (I was being helped by my daughter—it's helpful having a cat wrangler!)

At last Emma pounced on one entry and held it close to her heart. We had our winner.

Drum roll please...

The winner is Suzann at The Olive Cottage!! Congratulations and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. She has a great blog you should visit some time.

She wins this beautiful 16" square, giclee canvas wrapped print donated by my good friend Cynthia at Willow Rosa Studios. Cynthia has her own wonderful blog called A Shimmy in My Spirit. She has lots of gorgeous art over there so you should definitely check her out and her blog is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

So thank you all for playing along. Thanks for your comments on my 100th post and for your encouragement along the way. You make the journey loads of fun.


  1. What a great way to pick the winner. I love that you captured the entire thing in photos.

  2. That is so cute. Very creative too. I love your kitty kats!! They are so cute!! congrats on your 100th post. I think I missed it and I'm so sorry life has been crazy with this new job!

  3. Grats Suzann!

    That is so cute! And unique way to choose a winner.

    Have a great week. From SITS :D

  4. This post is adorable! You cats are beautiful :-)

  5. Ok, that is an adorable way to pick out a winner!

    Visiting you from SITS today...have a good one!

  6. Fun way to pick the winners!!!
    I love creative contests - check out mine from earlier this year:

  7. Being the cat lady that I am - I totally approve and am sure of the validity of your method of picking a winner! So clever!!


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