Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm Still Here

I apologize for being MIA on the old blog here. My excuse (do I really need an excuse? This is, after all, MY blog) is that my oldest daughter has had my computer while her computer has been in the shop. Again. It is difficult, though I'm told not impossible, to post from my iPhone. But I'm still getting to know my new phone and blogging with it won't be happening soon.

Our family seems to be in a dead zone where electronics is concerned. My husband's cell phone died so he got an iPhone. He's starting a new business and it seemed to make sense. My youngest daughter's cell phone began calling people ON ITS OWN when it was closed and in her purse. Maybe two years really is the life expectancy of these gadgets. My phone's battery stopped accepting a charge. The long and short is that the family is now connected via our iPhones and I have to admit they're pretty cool. (Especially when you are without a computer!)

I have my daughter's computer for a couple of days. It is back from the shop and seems to be running pretty well. I have solved the problem with it getting so hot (it is an old MacBook) by installing a free app called smcFanControl which has been awesome. I can now see how hot it is running and I can adjust the fan to cool it down. If you have this problem with your computer getting so hot it burns you I strongly suggest checking it out.

On Sunday I once again trade computers with my daughter so I can then take MY computer into the shop. It needed a new part but I don't know how long I'll be without it. Once our computers are all healthy again I'll be back to posting regularly.

Thanks for hanging in here with me!!


  1. Isn't technology just wonderful? I try to block it out as much as possible. LOL

  2. I did wonder where you went, but thought that you were enjoying the last of summmer :-) Electronics are so funny. They never like to suffer alone. In a matter of two months, we all had to replace all of our computers! Of course, they were all about the same age too... Glad you're (almost) back!


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