Saturday, September 5, 2009


Tonight my daughter Krissy lit our outdoor, backyard campfire for the first time. It was just cool enough outside that she could enjoy sitting by a fire. Earlier this week it was way too hot. All we wanted to sit near were fans. I took this photo with my new iPhone. I'm still trying to get the hang of this amazing piece of technology. It has come in very handy since I have been without my computer for about a week.


  1. Looks like fun - and an iphone! Woot!

  2. Oh I'm so longing for fall to come and put an end to this hot summer madness!!! Glad you had a blast camp firing!
    Happy Labor Day! Oh and you may want to stop by and check the simple upgrade I have up and running!

  3. Did you make the smores? Even when its over 100 outside we light our fire pit jsut cause we all love the smores so much! =)

  4. So did Krissy need to use the "Bug Spray" iphone app to keep the mosquitos away?


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