Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weeee're Baaa'ck!

Well, we made it home from Tahoe with my husband driving a filled-to-the-brim 14' U-Haul pulling my filled-to-the-brim car and I drove a filled-to-the-brim mini-van. We left behind an empty, very clean home for the new renters. We managed to see a fun fireworks display (photos to come later) and we even managed a boat ride on the lake. I am beyond exhausted but was doing pretty well until I fell on the cement stairs chasing after the cats who threatened to escape from from the garage when the door was malfunctioning. We can barely move in our crowded house but that's my next project. Updates to come!

P.S. The jays are really going to miss us. The last day, as we were finishing up cleaning, one flew into the family room looking for me (and his peanut fix). He got a bit panicky—as did my husband and daughter since they had to duck when he flew past—but he let me catch him in my hands in the kitchen and carry him outside. I threw him a goodbye peanut and he grabbed it in his beak and headed off in search of new handouts.


  1. Those blue jays are going to be heart broken. I'm glad your back!

  2. Just to let you know...Krissy is my first guest blogger today and, as always, is adorable!

  3. Tricia, I didn't know blue jays were so friendly. I love how you described them testing out each peanut.

    Sending you calming, happy thoughts and lots of energy for unpacking. And hope you can take a few moments to make some new feathered friends!

  4. Please rest! I hate moving and I'm getting tired reading about it. It can be so wonderful and so crappy all at the same time. But one thing it always is - is a lot of work!


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