Thursday, July 2, 2009

Playing and Packing

Stellar Jay

Mountain Chickadee

I am sitting on the back deck of our Tahoe house having my morning cup of tea—no coffee in the house as much is already packed. The thing I have missed most about Tahoe is feeding peanuts to the Stellar Jays every morning and evening. At first only two came to visit when I laid out a string of peanuts on the railing. But they were so delighted they called out to all their relatives and within about fifteen minutes I had a crowd of about ten diving in from all directions and grabbing peanuts. They are so funny. Sometimes they'll pick up one peanut and shake it, listening. Then they'll put that one down and test another, always searching for the perfect treasure. I sit with my feet on the deck rail and they seem to know I'm a friend. They'll sit about three feet from me and, with a peanut in their beak, they'll look me over with great curiosity. Most people think jays are just loud and squawky, but actually they have lots of ways to talk, from soft little kissy sounds to squeaks to screams.

I was also visited this morning by two types of squirrels. One is little and brown. The other is huge and gray with a magnificent plumed tail. The mountain chickadee came by as well. Locals call it the "cheeseburger" bird, but I've always called it the "hey baby" bird because that's what is says over and over. (It just never sounded like cheeseburger to me and hey baby sounds so much friendlier.)

Yesterday we arrived much later than we'd planned, caught on the pass for an hour while an accident was cleared away. We had reservations to join my husband on a boat cruise on the lake but we were too late for that. Instead, we headed up Taylor Creek Trail and stopped at a swimming hole on the creek. The water was cold but quite swimmable and we were joined by a friendly duck who paddled around with us. Then we had dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Blue Angel, on Ski Run Blvd. It is owned by a lovely English lass, Rosie, who has a great staff and lots of friends who often stop by. (She does catering as well so you should definitely look her up if you're ever in town.) Wednesday is pasta night. For $7.99 you get pasta, which you can customize, Ceasar salad and fabulous garlic cheese bread. We visited with old friends before heading back to our nearly empty house.

Well, as much as I'd like to spend the rest of the day communing with nature here on the deck there are boxes to be packed, junk to be sorted and hauled to the dump and the donation station, and so much cleaning to be done. We pick up the U-Haul truck on Saturday morning so I have two days to get ready. Have I mentioned how much I HATE moving? HATE, HATE, HATE. Oh well, vile emotions don't pack boxes, so off I go.


  1. Tricia

    So glad you are fitting in some tea time, bird time, pasta time and swimming time. Those blue jays are really going to miss you...their loss is my gain though.

    Let's try someplace new for lunch when you get back to the wine country.

  2. Feeding birds, drinking tea (I don't drink coffee) and talking about a swimming hole and pasta dinner - all sounds wonderful! But the moving part? Yes, VILE!!!


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