Friday, July 10, 2009

Me and the Jays

I promised some photos of our last weekend in Tahoe. Here's one taken by my daughter, Krissy. I don't usually like photos of myself but this is one of my very favorites. If you click on the photo it should get bigger and you can see the row of peanuts on the deck rail and a Stellar jay grabbing one.


  1. Hi Tricia.

    Just saw your comment on SITS and had to stop by... one of my very dear friends from High School was named Trish McWhirter. Isn't that weird? Maybe not... but I thought so.

    Your layout is really beautiful. Have a great day!

  2. Oh it's a lovely pic! And you look like you could just sit and enjoy the birds and the trees and the beautiful landscape forever!

  3. i just went to tahoe last month and it was AMAZING! just so pretty! looking at that picture makes me want to go back =)

  4. Oh, how wonderful to have a photo from your last weekend in beautiful Tahoe. I can't believe those birds came right up to take those peanuts. You must be a very peaceful person :-)


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