Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Move, Another 4th

I guess you could say the final phase of our move from Tahoe happened over the 4th of July weekend (although truly the FINAL phase is now—finding places to put all of the stuff that is now crammed into our house, garage and yard in dusty boxes and bags!!) But the 4th of July weekend is when we did the final packing up and cleaning out of our old house. It was pine pollen season so drifts of talc-like yellow pollen sifted into everything and made cleaning a real chore. BUT, it was the 4th AND it was Tahoe so we managed to slip in some fun moments to break up the drudgery of the whole endeavor. Here are some photos from our adventure.

When we first arrived we spent a bit of time at a lovely swimming hole. Here's my daughter, Kristina, photographing a friendly duck who kept us company.

Then she and my husband played in the water.

We spent the next two days packing and on the 4th we packed up the van and then escaped to a party and the famous fireworks display on the lake.

It's hard to get more 4th of July party mode than this—a party atop the roof of Harvey's casino at South Lake Tahoe. That's my hubby, Jim, with a drink in his hand, preparing to shake off the crappy day we'd had loading the van.

Then down to the beach where the show began.

The next day we cleaned like fiends, locked the door to our former home, and headed once again to the lake for a sunset cruise to Emerald Bay. Our daughter, Kristina, wasn't feeling well and the water was a bit choppy so she stayed behind at the hotel while Jim and I enjoyed the sights.

This is an osprey's nest


  1. Just stopping by from SITS. Your artwork is beautiful, and so are your photos. Love the sunset. Happy Monday !

  2. Looks to me like you and your family have a knack for mixing fun in with even the crappiest chores. :) I've never seen fireworks over the water like that, looks beautiful! And all the pics are lovely too!


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