Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Great Transformation

Well, if you've noticed that I haven't posted much lately it is because I've been in the process of transforming my garage, aka the place where we store EVERYTHING that won't fit in the house, into my studio and a more organized place where we store EVERYTHING else. Part of this transformation involves making room for all the stuff that didn't make it here in Phase One of our move from Tahoe to the Sonoma wine country.

Last October I moved into my present house. I just couldn't take another Sierra winter and one of my daughters said she could no longer visit us there because the combination of the altitude and allergans triggered her asthma to the point where breathing was too difficult. So my husband stayed in Tahoe, where he still had a job (although business was being hit hard by the recession and he feared that any day he might be laid off) and I moved into a much smaller house in the wine country. On weekends my husband commuted the four hours each way to visit. Over the next few months, both of my daughters decided they wanted to change the colleges they were attending and they moved back home, along with all of their stuff. I was thrilled to have them home, but the little house was a bit crowded and LOTS of stuff ended up in the garage and what was supposed to be my studio. Every weekend, when my husband made the trip here, he would bring more stuff, anticipating the day when he would actually move here too. Gradually, my little house has become stuffed to the bursting point. I can hardly turn around in the garage and the studio is just as packed with boxes. Last week The Great Transformation began. My studio is finally starting to look like a place where art and writing can take place and the rest of the garage is almost ready to welcome our remaining stuff.

Tomorrow I head back to Tahoe for a week to finish packing up and cleaning out that house. While there, we will get to watch the amazing fireworks display on the 4th of July that the city puts on over the lake. Believe me, that will be the high point of the week. But today, it's back to the garage to complete the transformation. I can't wait to show you pictures! Our internet access in Tahoe has been spotty lately so you probably won't hear much from me for the next week. Hope you all have a happy Independence Day!!


  1. I totally understand. I live in a little house currently and the head count changes from time to time. As a result our Garage which is the only storage in this old house.
    And My little studio becomes an extra bedroom.
    BUT I finally got it back and just finished organizing it I am so excited!!!
    Cheers to you

  2. Wow - tough to live halfway here and halfway there - kids home - husband sometimes there - and stuff collecting and collecting - hope you get a break to actually watch the fireworks!

  3. I am just sitting here wondering what in the world I would do if I had to take everything out of my garage and find another place to put it. I am just not sure it could be done!
    Happy 4th:)

  4. When we moved into our present house, it was the first place we would live that had a garage. We were comitted to keeping it empty (except for the cars) it has been tough, but I am the envy of the neighborhood---no one else can park in the garage! And when youget your studio set up--that will be killer! I have a space hee too for art/sewing and it is my favorite room in the house.


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