Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today's Visit to the CornerStone Gardens

Today my brother and sister-in-law met us (my husband, Jim, and my daughter, Kristina) for wine tasting at Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves. We didn't tour the caves but we sat on the huge veranda overlooking the valley and toasted them for their twenty-eighth wedding anniversary. Then we crossed the road to see the gardens and shops at CornerStone Gardens. It was really windy, which was great in the kinetic sculpture garden. These giant sculptures were spinning around in the wind and looked like they were dancing. A wedding was being set up near the water lily pond. The shops were great fun. The mermaids were still there (see my last post) but I seemed to remember their price being $160 last October and now they were $250 each. They weren't singing my song so they continue to live at CornerStone.

We all had a really great time today.


  1. Ooo that's a huge chair you got there...

    Anyway i just wanted to tell you i tagged you so go check my blog see how to play along!

    Happy Monday and Happy International Children's Day!

  2. Looks like a great day Tricia. Did the sculpture garden look better this time? Last time we were there it looked pretty sad! I get to have coffee with you. See you at Marie Michelle's!

  3. hi tricia,
    you were infron to my at roll call this am so i thought i'd pop by and say "hi." i am sooo jealous of you living in wine country... i am dying to go and visit... i'm going to have to come back and see all of your posts and find some great places to go when we do get to go! it looks just beautiful! have a wonderful day!

  4. I want that chair for my backyard. Have a happy SITS day!


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