Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still in the Gratitude Groove

Today I am grateful for:

1. Small things that make my life easier like Chafing Gel from Monistat (see photo). Not only is this stuff great for "chub rub", you not so skinny ladies know what I'm talking about here--the thigh area that rubs and causes friction and the kind of heat you don't want. This stuff is also great on your toes and heels when wearing shoes that rub (although my warning here is don't put it on the bottom of your feet unless you like that stepping on a banana peel feeling.)

2. Continuing on this small gratitude roll I want to mention shower curtain rings with small beads at the top to help them roll more easily. I just switched out my expensive, decorative hooks that matched my shower curtain but were always getting tangled up in each other or simply coming off the rod. I can't believe what a difference this little change made. Instead of stiffling a little snarl when I pulled back the shower curtain this morning it glided open like a breeze through my window and made me smile. Anything that makes me smile gets a gratitude point.

3. Peonies. Why? The picture above is worth a thousand words.

4. My friend Sue who reminded me that "Old is when we get stalled in our thinking, when we quit reinventing ourselves to fit the situation, when we really believe that we have nothing to offer the world but platitudes and adages, when we stop being tickled by a new fad or craze..." and she was nice enough to reassure me that I am "NOT" old. I don't think so either but it is always lovely to have someone remind you.

5. The end of a very satisfying season of "Dancing with the Stars". I absolutely loved all three finalists and when Shawn Johnson won it occurred to me that of the three this win just might mean the most to her. Melissa's and Gille's careers are now launched with the exposure they got on the show but I think Shawn may have taken away a kind of confidence that she can do more than gymnastics which, up to now, is all she's really focused on. Now anything is possible and I'm happy for her.


  1. stopping in from sits! You have a wonderful blog!

  2. I love your blog, and I couldn't agree more about those peonies! Like a breath of fresh air, aren't they?
    I am stopping by from SITS and just wanted to wish you a WONDERFUL MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!



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