Sunday, May 24, 2009

Russian River Roses

Yesterday we visited the Russian River Rose Company, a lovely little enterprise amidst the vineyards where the owners grow oodles of roses. We arrived too late to grab a basket and help harvest rose petals from the perfume roses. The folks who helped harvest were able to put the petals into some type of device that extracts the rose oil which can then be used like perfume or in rose water. Maybe next year. They harvest during April and May. They also have a small nursery where you can purchase plants and they have a lovely little garden where you are welcome to wander or sit and have tea. These are some of the photos I took.


  1. the flowers look so lovely!!! It should be dreamy living around such beauty:)
    Happy Monday!

  2. oh, my gawd I could like stay there for days so pretty, must have just been a wonderful day..

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