Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gratitude -- Days Twenty-four through Twenty-six

What can I say? My life ate my blog. But I'm back!

Today I am grateful for:

1. Waking up thinking about things I'm grateful for. How cool is that! I've actually started thinking about things I'm grateful for even before I'm fully awake and they bubble up into my conscience as I open my eyes. Maybe this thing is working...

2. My screenwriting group, Northern California Screenwriters, and the energizer bunny, Anne Jordan, who has put it together. She's larger than life and has more energy than anyone I've ever met. She's putting on a screenwriting expo in Napa next March and somehow I've managed to commit to having completed a screenplay by then. (Yes, I'm certifiable--nuts that is.) Anyway, be prepared to see excerpts here as I progress. So I'm grateful now. Ask me again in a few months.

3. My book writing group led by Guy Biederman. Yes, I've been grateful to him before as he leads awesome writing workshops. We met today for the first of three sessions and I'm all fired up about the novel I'm beginning. (You beginning to see how my life ate my blog?)

4. The opportunity to share these writing journeys here with you. I'll be looking for feedback.

5. My garden which is beginning to offer me herbs to use in my cooking.

6. My clean windows in the kitchen and family room. My sweet hubby can't stand dirty windows and polished them all to a gleaming clarity this morning.

7. Turkey bacon. I don't eat red meat and I thought for years that bacon was a thing of the past but this substitute has really come through for me a number of times--great with fresh tomatoes!

8. Capers. Great to eat alone, with salmon, and to cook with (my family would disagree on just about all counts here, but then, I am the one doing the cooking!)

9. Reduced guilt potato chips from Trader Joe's. These are very, very crispy and I am addicted. I still feel guilt, but not quite enough to resist them.

10. Seeing a fun, fast paced thriller that delivered the goods (where so many haven't). It is called "State of Play" and is definitely worth seeing.

11. Automatic sprinklers, without which my yard would surely be toast.

12. The Biggest Loser. I just love this show. This season really inspired me. Not to say that I've trotted my butt into the gym just yet but I've actually been seriously considering it. This is real progress!

13. Treehouses. Haven't you all had treehouse fantasies? What could be cooler than living in the treetops in a cute little Swiss Family Robinson knock-off?

14. Black. While I love color I have always had a love affair with black. I mean, what other color makes you look thinner? Or hides the fact that you've spilled your wine down your front? (Am I revealing too much about myself here?) Or lets you look mysterious or dramatic? Does everyone have a little purple dress in their closet? I would say no. But a little black dress? This color does it all and for that I am most grateful.

15. Good books. Whole worlds and families and adventures held silently on paper between two pieces of cardboard until I unlock the mystery by reading. Miracles really.

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