Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gratitude -- Day Twenty-two

Today I am grateful for:

1. Great neighbors.

2. The IRS. Just kidding.

3. Castello di Amorosa -- a gorgeous winery near Calistoga we visited on Mother's Day. "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler was filmed here. I've posted some photos of it above, including one of Chris who poured us wine and entertained us in the tasting room. He was lots of fun.

4. Dancing with the Stars. I continue to love this show and will feel sad to see who gets eliminated tonight as I like all the semi-finalists. I have to say my favorite is Melissa Rycroft but Gilles Marini is certainly easy on the eyes. I hate to admit that I'm so shallow but I'll definitely feel a hole in my Monday and Tuesday evenings when this season ends.

5. The sweet smell of honeysuckle that fills my backyard.


  1. Ok personally I think Melissa too.. she's a great dancer, she's sweet and darn it I just want her to win to show that fool who cut her on the Bach that she is great!

  2. oh you lucky one have good neighbors??? oh stop by my blog and read down 2-3 posts back and see how i get along with 'em... i so envy you:)

    Happy Wednesday !

    (coming here from SITS)

  3. Hey Sista! Just stopping by again. Great as usual!
    I started posting excerpts from my book, Abby's Between Girlfriends: A Sharing of Marital Secrets. I hope you'll have a chance to stop by and check it out.

  4. Tricia, your paintings are absolutely wonderful!


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