Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gratitude -- Day Twenty-nine

Today I am grateful for:

1. Losing myself for a few moments in the very intense, intoxicating smell of a gorgeous peach colored rose.

2. Elizabeth Berg. She is one of my favorite authors and today I finished her newest novel, "Home Safe", which I loved. The amazing thing was that part of the story mentions Santa Rosa and takes place in Mill Valley where I grew up. I didn't know this when I began the book so it was a lovely sort of surprise.

3. Today was my daughter's last final for the semester so I am done with driving duty every day. In some ways I'll miss the chance for conversation in the car and for the sitting-and-waiting-in-the-car time I use mainly to write, but overall I look forward to having more time to set up my studio.

4. Getting to do more writing now that I'm taking two new classes. Somehow having a class legitimizes for me, and everyone around me, the time I spend just sitting, staring off into space, and actually writing.

5. Feeling really excited about what I am doing.


  1. Isn't it heavenly when you stop to admire a rose and a small breeze blows the flower's soft fragrance toward you? I love this list in particular as I can relate to much of it. I've not read Elizabeth Berg, though. I shall add her to my list :-)

  2. Another author I absolutely love is Rosamunde Pilcher and my two favorites books of hers are "The Shell Seekers" and "Coming Home". Much of her writing takes place in Cornwall which I've yet to visit but it is certainly on my list of places I long to see. Have you gotten to Cornwall during your stay in the UK?


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