Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gratitude -- Day Thirty

"Columbine and Ladybug" -- one of the images from my new digital art series

Today is the final day of the Gratitude Journal experiment. When I began this, thirty days ago, I commented on how Oprah said doing this had changed her life. I don't know if my life has changed exactly, but I will say some good things have begun to happen. I only knew a few people in my new town (I moved here last October) but in the past month I've become part of a screenwriters group, Northern California Screenwriters, and I meet with the same folks every week and feel I'm beginning form some meaningful connections there. I've committed to completing a screenplay by March of 2009 (this will be a first for me!) I've joined two other writing groups and already I'm feeling great affection for some of the writers in these groups that I'm getting to know by all of us sharing our work. The creative juices are definitely flowing and I'm "in the zone" working on my book. I've begun working on some new digital art, something I used to love doing but had not had time for until now.

I don't know if all these things would have happened had I not been keeping this journal but I think I've been more open to seeking out the positive things in my life since I've been doing it. I will continue to keep a gratitude journal on my own and, from time to time, will share new entries here. A few people have shared with me some of the things they are grateful for and it feels wonderful that I may have inspired others to take a moment, here and there, to appreciate the little things in their lives.

Today I am grateful for:

1. A new day, with the chance to choose again and let go of any guilt or regret I feel about mistakes or missteps I've made.

2. My renewed appreciation for how the tiniest bits of beauty grow large when seen in the light of appreciation.

3. The love I receive from my family and friends. I can feel quite tangibly how it sustains me every day.

4. The new friends I'm making through the blogosphere. The threads that connect us all, while not always visible, are powerful nevertheless.

5. All of you out there who've taken time from your incredibly busy lives to join me, even for a moment, on my journey.


  1. I love reading your gradtitudes! they make me happy!

  2. AND Edward is Hawt and timeless.. so we all can love him!


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