Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gratitude -- Day Thirteen

Today I am Grateful for:

1. A post from Black Hockey Jesus over on the blog, "Wind in Your Vagina", entitled "Thank You". I am including an excerpt here:

...Then Lucy started guzzling a glass of water. Lucy performs everyday acts with an intensity that tends to attract my attention. She just tipped her head back and gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp. She’s got guzzling in her genes. Then she went and did that magic little kid thing where they perform a sweetly simplistic act all shot through with profundity and ancient wisdom.

She pulled the tiny purple cup from her lips and made that exaggerated “Ahhhh” refreshed noise. She held it 12 inches away from her face and admired it with sparkling eyes and a delighted smile. She made me smile. I think the cup smiled too. See. Lucy’s smile was not limited by the bounds of her face. Rather, she created an atmosphere that smiled. Everything in her orbit smiled in the smiling. She set the cup on the kitchen table, leaned into it, and said earnestly:

“Thank You, Cup.”...

The entire post is absolutely wonderful, as is the amazing writing of this most interesting dad.

2. Mine That Bird, a magnificent horse that won the Kentucky Derby at 50 to 1 odds, once again proving that fairy tales do come true. (You may notice a theme here in my blog. Yes, I am very big on happy, improbable endings.) The favorite to win, I Want Revenge, scratched before the race. With a name like that, kharma simply had to step in and allow the Cinderella horse to do his thing.

3. Mint juleps which, besides occasional upsets like the one Mine That Bird pulled off, are the best thing about the Kentucky Derby. You can get a recipe at the Kentucky Derby site.

4. Getting to go to a movie with the family today. We are off to see "Monsters v. Aliens" in 3D. Heading off to movie always fills me with excitement and anticipation.

We just got back from the movies and, Yippee!

5. "Monsters v. Aliens" was such fun. I'm so grateful I finally got to see a movie in the theater that delivered on its promise. I stayed and watched the credits at the end and am always astonished at how many folks it takes to make a movie...and I only saw the names of those who made it into the credits. Well they do say it takes a village...

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  1. Rachel Maddow had Dale DeGroff (the king of cocktails) on her show the other night making mint juleps. Here is the link to his recipe.

    I think we should try them some time.


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