Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New Hero

I have a new hero and her name is Susan Boyle. If you haven't already seen this little clip from "Britain's Got Talent 2009" on YouTube you should click this link:">

Is she not amazing? I had chills and was in tears watching her perform. This little lady gives hope to all of us dreamers out there who have aspirations to be recognized for our talent. She certainly wiped the smirk off perpetually snarky Simon Cowell, one of the hosts of this show as well as "American Idol".

On the topic of fairy-tales-do-come-true, I'm putting my money on Susan Boyle having her wish come true. What do you think?


  1. I am putting my money on her too. She's amazing. I read today that she is going to be on Oprah. How much a life can change in a week!

  2. I love that she said she wanted to sing in front of a large audience. Now she's singing in front of the whole world. I just love stories like this.


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