Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today I read about an application for the iPhone called the Gratitude! It is a gratitude journal and was created by Carla White. You can take a look at it on http://happytapper.com/. Oprah says it changed her life. (I have to interject here that I really wonder what kind of change it brought to Oprah's life--I mean, sure, even Oprah is allowed to have ever evolving great things happen but jeez, I can't even get my head around what THAT might involve.)

I think taking a moment each day to be grateful for a few of the positive things in my life might be a good idea. While I don't have an iPhone I do have a blog so perhaps this would be a good place to begin. Carla White suggests listing five things each day for at least thirty days. Here goes.

Day One--I am grateful for the following:

1. My loving family
2. Having coffee with my good friend Cynthia this morning
3. Monet and Thiebault singing me into a good mood this morning
4. That my eleven year old dog, Chelsea, still acts like a puppy
5. My air conditioner got fixed

What are you grateful for?


  1. I'm grateful that I get to have you as my mom <3

  2. Oh Boy. Another app for my iPhone.

    Today I am grateful...

    1. ...that my friend Tricia and her family moved to the wine country.
    2. ...for my dog Lola who wakes up every morning happy.
    3. ...for Richard
    4. ...that Richard and I are going to London, Paris and Venice
    5. ...that my Joseph's Coat rose is bursting with blossoms


Thanks for the messages—I read every one.