Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gratitude -- Day Nine

Today I am grateful for:

1. Illusion and the implements thereof. (Not artifice. I'm not at all a fan of that.) In this list I count makeup, hair dye, and of course, Photoshop. I guess I should also put candle light in this list. All of these are things that help us to maintain the illusion of looking younger than we are--or, on good days, looking as young as we feel.

2. Nearsightedness. I started wearing glasses when I was in fourth grade and hated that I couldn't see clearly. It is only lately that I've started to appreciate how this has shaped my life in positive ways. I think because I couldn't see distances very well I began noticing details of things around me--the beauty in details and close-up views. I find that both my art and my writing reflect my interest in exploring the "small" story rather than the big picture.

3. The end of molting season. I think it is almost here! Who knew that two small canaries could manage to shed so many feathers and not end up bald?

4. Washing machines and dryers. My washer just got fixed. I can't begin to imagine how our ancestors kept their family's clothes clean when they had to wash everything by hand. I would have moved to the tropics and had everyone run around naked.

5. Wind chimes. They lift my spirits whenever I hear them and remind me that messages from the universe are constantly being carried to me on the wind.

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