Friday, April 24, 2009

Gratitude -- Day Four

Things I'm grateful for today:

1. Do-overs. I'm grateful this morning for another chance to approach a new day with the spirit of welcoming joy into my life from wherever it presents itself. (I was pretty cranky last night.)

2. Living in the wine country and getting to watch the cycle of growth and renewal on the vines I pass by each day. They've gone from orange foliage, when I first moved here in October, through the barren, dark brown twisted sculpture of the vines themselves in winter. Then I watched the wildly exuberant yellow mustard arrive in spring and march between the rows of vines. Now the yellow is gone but the vines are covered in lush green leaves which seem to double in size daily. Watching this dance of life brings me great joy and reminds me to be patient when I feel that I am not moving forward.

3. New ideas that come to me each day as little gifts.

4. My yoga class that reminds me I still have plenty of flexibility as long as I keep moving.

5. That I am here, where the temperature is 70 degrees and sunny, not in Tahoe where this morning it was 38 degrees and snowing.

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