Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gratitude -- Day Eight

Yesterday I was away from my computer all day so I didn't get any chance to post although I found much to be grateful for throughout the day.

Yesterday I was grateful for:

1. The warm welcome my daughter received at the college she will be transferring to in the fall. We were there meeting with the department head to make sure it would be a good fit for her.

2. The fact that she can come home to visit on weekends if she wants because the college is within easy driving distance--not like when it took us a whole day to drive to see her during her first two years of college.

3. My good friend Cynthia, over at, who was able to step in and drive my younger daughter to class while I was out of town. Thanks again Cynthia!

4. Being able to sit and enjoy conversation and a glass of wine with my newly twenty-one-year-old daughter. I loved spending time with my daughters when they were little and I love spending time with them now that they are grown.

5. The waitress at the restaurant yesterday who actually CARDED ME when I ordered a glass of wine! Now that is an event to mark on my calendar. I'm sure it was because she had to card my daughter but nevertheless, it totally made my day.

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