Monday, April 6, 2009

Going to the Birds

Life has been full lately so I apologize for being slow to post. I just finished a class on writing and illustrating children's books and have completed the sixth (and close to final) version of the text. Now I need to begin the illustrations. I'm also midway into a class on screenwriting. You'd think with as many movies as I watch that this would be easy for me but it is a whole different way of telling a story. I'm also taking a class about making a living writing books and magazine articles. Yes, this IS hopefully the next step of this journey. I'll keep you posted.

Like many of you, I have big-time Spring Fever. I've been working on the backyard to make it more like an outdoor livingroom. It's still pretty exciting having this new, flower-filled environment to work in. (Our deck in Tahoe is still covered in snow and ice.)

Biggest excitement lately is the addition to our family of two canaries, Monet (the yellow one) and Thiebault (the orange one). They are named after my favorite artists, Claude Monet and Wayne Thiebault. They're only a few months old but they are finding their voices and learning to sing. I'm really having a lot of fun with them.

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  1. Those have to be two of the sweetest looking birds ever. Their colors give me Spring fever.



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