Saturday, April 18, 2009

Feathers Are Flying

My two canaries, Monet and Thiebault, are full-on into molting season. I had to put a little net skirt around the bottom of their cage to help contain the colorful tiny feathers that are constantly fluttering around the cage and drifting to the bottom. They've also taken to bathing in their water dish even though I had bought a cute little canary tub in hot pink with a mirror in the bottom for them. But they much prefer their water dish. (Kinda reminds me of my kids who often preferred to play with the cardboard boxes and wrapping paper their gifts arrived in.) It is amusing to see them splashing about in the water dish and then hopping onto a perch and preening. Between the molting and the baths they look positively sleek, thinner even. I wish that would work for me--shedding pounds left and right as I hop around the house and splash in my tub. Maybe they're on to something.

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