Thursday, April 16, 2009

Current Pet Peeves

I normally don't like to be a complainer BUT I have a few pet peeves...

1. My new washing machine that clearly has aspirations to be a waterfall. It has gotten quite good at spewing a cascade of water from the bottom of its front-loading door. When you pay a ton of money for an appliance, shouldn't you expect it to work?

2. My inability to find my warranty info with the phone number to call the repairman for my washer. I am such a ditz!

3. All of the super-short onramps on Highway 101 near Santa Rosa. What were they thinking when they designed these? I'm amazed more folks aren't killed here.

4. Kitchen sink faucets that begin to leak and fall apart after about six months of use. Why are we making such crap hardware? When I was growing up I don't remember my parents having to continually replace the kitchen faucet. (Am I sounding really old here? Or just really cranky?)

5. Speaking of faulty parts, what about the flush handles on toilets that keep breaking? I can't tell you how often I've had to replace the ball and chain mechanisms in toilets. How long have they been making these now? You'd think someone would have figured it out by now how to make a long-lasting flusher.

6. While I'm at it, what's up with people who insist on taking the window seat on planes and then pull down the blind? How often do you get a chance to view the world from up in the clouds? Don't hog the view people!

Okay. I feel better now. Sometimes a girl just has to let off a little steam.

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