Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Make a Wish

The moon rose early and round. Behind the distant trees a lavender haze reached up and tried to prevent the moon’s escape but its tilted face gazed down impassively on the families that were reluctant to leave the park. Behind me the sun had just slipped from view and was headed off to warm some other corner of the world.

I looked up at the sky, searching for the first star. You never want to waste the chance to make a really good wish. I had several wishes in mind but it wasn’t until I actually saw the star that I’d know which one to choose. There. There it was. I took a deep breath and made myself very still inside. The wish floated to the surface and I offered it up to the star. Then I licked my thumb, tapped it on top of my fist and thumped my fists together. The wish was sealed and I let it go.

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