Saturday, February 14, 2009

Views From My Window __ Iguanas, Jan. 18, 2009

This morning I heard a report on The Weather Channel that, due to a cold snap in Naples, Florida, people there should be alert for iguanas falling from trees. Yes, you heard that right, iguanas. Now The Weather Channel is not usually my go-to source for interesting news but I have to say, this story certainly caught my attention. Apparently iguanas like to sleep in trees and, if the weather gets too cold (less than 40 degrees, I'm told), they go into a deep sleep and their feet lose hold of the branches and they fall to the ground. I looked it up and iguanas can reach a length of six feet. Can you imagine how you might feel just walking down the street, daydreaming, minding your own business and boom--a giant iguana lands at your feet? Or even worse, lands on top of you? Now that would be one embarrassing way to die. You might make the evening news but what a way to be remembered. "Poor old Auntie Tricia, killed by a falling lizard."

In South Lake Tahoe, where I used to live, there are so many pine trees that at various times during the year you will hear a snapping sound overhead and then a pine cone will come crashing down to the ground. I'd hear the "snap" and freeze, never knowing which tree the missile was coming from. I used to feel, at times, that I should be wearing a helmet when I was out working in my yard. Even icicles would sometimes fall with loud, thunderous sounds and I have thought it was odd that just walking outside to the mailbox could feel so dangerous. But those dangers aside, it never, ever crossed my mind that an iguana might fall from the sky.

Maybe Chicken Little might have been taken more seriously had he lived in Naples, Florida.

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