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Musings From the Mountain__Feb. 21, 2008

After a weekend of Spring-like weather snow is once again falling. A big storm is due in on Saturday. Oh yippie. While I love our house, and the fact that Jim has a good job, I find that life in Tahoe, at least in the winter, really saps my energy. Where has my spirit of adventure gone? Is it possible that it flew out of me in one large poof when I had that hard fall on the ice? Am I really that wimpy? Possibly so.

There is a man on the roof of the house across the street where my friend Linda lives. He is shoveling snow madly. Linda has discovered water seeping into her home and is now having trouble with mold. Workers have been at her house all week. First they had to use chain saws to remove the worst of the icicles. Now I guess they are trying to remove the three feet of snow that still sits on top of her roof before the next storm drops another two feet as predicted. Whenever we see Linda outside she is usually screaming at the top of her lungs, " I HATE this snow!" She lives by herself so snow blowing is a job she has to deal with alone. She seems a bit erratic lately. My theory is that the winters here are slowly driving her insane.

Last night as I drove Kristina to rehearsal we saw the lunar eclipse in the night sky at the end of our road. It was really quite beautiful. Then, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, I heard a pack of coyotes in the distance celebrating a fresh kill. Powerful energies surround us here. There is no doubt of that.

Kristina is working very hard on the college's musical production, "2 x 5", that opens March 6 and runs for two weeks. She is so proud and excited but she worries that no one she knows will get to see it--a hazard of living on this frozen mountain.

The man on the roof is making very little progress. It is snowing much harder now and every shovelful he pitches over the side seems to land on Linda's front porch or on the smaller roof over her front porch. The snow has now piled up and is blocking half of the window above it. I'm amazed the man shoveling hasn't fallen. Linda lives on the shady side of the street and the front side of her house is very icy. Oh, I think he's losing heart. Now he's sitting on the roof, holding the shovel with only one hand and chipping away slowly at the snow that has frozen. He's been up there all morning and has only managed to clear a patch that is about 4' by 5'. I give him another five minutes before he gives up.

I guess I should stop bitching and focus on my blessings. Okay. Here goes.

It is wonderful having my family all home at the same time as I don't have wonder what is going on in their lives. Unfocused worry is awful.

We have a beautiful home and a bit of money in the bank.

I am really enjoying my writing class.

We have Internet access and good computers so we're not as isolated as we might be.

I have a great car to take me up and down the mountain.

I'm not the man on the roof across the street.

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